(4 Hour Minimum applies to all staff).
*Rates are advance rates for bookings at least one week in advance.
**Holidays double rate: Thanksgiving, Xmas eve, Xmas, New years Eve, New Years Day $100 deposit
*** Travel Fees:  We are located in the San Jose Area. Beyond 50 miles from San Jose there is a $100 travel fee for every 4 staff. Beyond 75 miles $200, 76-100 miles $275.

Servers, General Party Staff, Banquet/Catering Staff (1 staff every 25 guests recommended).

1 Staff Member                                                                              $36 per hour
2 or more staff members                                                                $35 per hour
6 or more staff members                                                                $34 per hour

Servers and general party staff are NOT permitted to do any sort of reheating, barbequing, or preparing  of food.  Food must be prepared as servers are only allowed to plate and serve food.   Please see food prep staff below.  They may prepare salads, cold appetizers, cheeses etc.

Bartender rental (2 Bartenders for every 100 people)

1 Bartender  $40 per hour  ( Beer and Wine )
2 or more bartenders $39 per hour
4 or more bartenders $38 per hour

Bar consult fee: $200
(If you would like help with purchasing quantities for your bar)                                                                   

Captains/Event Coordinator
Event Coordinator (Owner, One of Three Managers) $50 per hour
Captain(required for 4 or more servers)   $45 per hour
(Captain is not an event coordinator. For large groups please make sure you have a coordinator or someone to manage your event and give our crew instructions on site)

Food Prep Staff:
1 or more staff members  $40 per hour
Food prep staff is only allowed to reheat food and do some Limited barbequing a well as prepare salads etc.  THESE STAFF ARE NOT PERMITTED TO COOK MEAT, SEAFOOD, OR POULTRY THEY ARE ONLY PERMITTED TO REHEAT, MAKE SALADS, ASSEMBLE APPETIZERS, PLATE FOOD.

1 or more staff members $59 per hour
Personal Chefs $85 per hour
Site Visit: $100 East Bay/ $ 75 Bay Area/ $150 North Bay

Staffing number guidelines:
For every 100 people: 2 Bartenders and 4 Servers are required/recommended for bar with buffet dinner. 2 Bartenders and 6 servers are recommended for a sit down dinner. 2 kitchen staff for every 100 guests for buffet, 3 for sit down dinner.

Set up time guidelines:
If everything is set up and ready to go we need about one hour to set up and organized from our end.   If rentals, guest tables, buffet etc need to be set up we need 3 hours minimum to set up.  1 Hour for General clean up, 2 hours for facility to be left in condition it was in upon entry.  All staffing in excess of 8 hours will be billed at time and a half and holidays at double time.

Dress code for staff:    

Our general dress code unless otherwise notified is the bistro look.  The bistro look consists of black pants or knee length skirt,  black button up dress shirt.

All alcohol and supplies must be within 15 ft of bar area.  A $75 fee will be applied if it is necessary to move alcohol and supplies from elsewhere at location to bar area.   Not necessary to refrigerate, as we will ice down anything that needs to be iced upon arrival.

Additional Insured:   If you wish to be added to our insurance as additional insured or the venue which your event is at requires that they be added to our policy there is a $150 fee.

Trash Removal: (For up to 250 guests)

Bar Trash Removal                                                                               $125
Complete event food and bar trash removal                                         $350
(Includes Trash Bags, Trash Cans, and complete removal and disposal of all trash, boxes, and recyclables)

Food Pick Up and Delivery  

$200 charge for pick up of food at one location and delivered to your event.  There is a subsequent $35 charge for each additional pick up location.

Alcohol Pick Up/Storage/Delivery      

There is a $350 fee for us to pick up, store and deliver the alcohol for your event.    $225 if you drop off at our location.

Misc. Charges: There is a $50 charge to move a bar from one location to another in the middle of an event or to have bartender leave one bar and go to another.
*18.5% Gratuity/Service Charge apply on all services regardless whether you give them a cash tip or not.  You are more than welcome to give the staff an additional gratuity in cash, however the gratuity service charge still applies.
** or 20% Gratuity/Service Charge if using a credit card for payment. Gratuity Service Charge Includes: Staff Gratuity, Delivery of Rentals(not requiring truck) ,and damage insurance on rentals.
***(Events are planned so far in advance it is sometimes hard to determine what our distributors have in inventory.   We therefore reserve the right to replace any brand with a brand of equal or greater value for any party package)
-A non-refundable deposit of $75 due now with a signed copy of the contract.  Final head count is due one week before the event.  Final balance is due 7 days before event by check, cash or credit card.

Cancellation Policy:  If cancelled before 20 days before the event there is no penalty except for loss of deposit. Within 30 days of the event 50% of the balance is due, within 72 hours of the event 75% of total balance, within 24 hours 100% of total balance is due.

Thank you so much and we look forward to working with you!